Free Online Hypnosis Scripts


I'm not sure what the obsession with 'free' is, but never mind. Below I have collected together all the free hypnosis scripts currently available on PlanetNLP as well as provided a couple of links to resources that may be of interest.

Using scripts should really only be a starting point. It makes far more sense to learn enough about hypnosis and practice enough to enable you to build your own scripts on the fly.

On the other hand, the more you work with these scripts, the quicker you will pickup the hypnotic patterns and learning hypnosis will be easy. The article NLP Language Patterns is a good place to start developing your skills.

Hypnosis Inductions

The purpose of the hypnotic induction is to put the client into the trance state. Many hypnotists will regularly use hypnotic induction language throughout the session to deepen the clients trance and keep them in a relaxed state.:

Hypnosis Process Sections

This is where the work is done. In the next few weeks I will be adding more sessions. These sections provides the purpose of the hypnosis session:

Wake Up! sections

This is where you bring them back - and bring them back feeling better than they did before you started!

Other Free Online Hypnosis Scripts

The web is full of hypnosis resources and the quality varys hugely. Current I only recommend a couple of sites, bet because they are the only good quality sites, but because they are the only sites I have enough experience of to recommend. These are:

Both sites have a good variety of scripts and HypnosisDownloads covers an amazing range.


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