NLP Language Patterns - what are they, and how do you learn them?


When people refer to NLP Language patterns they are usually refering to the Milton Model. The Milton Model patterns were developed from studying Milton Erickson, and are useful for many purposes such as Persuasion, Hypnosis, and dare I say it - seduction.

Depending upon your goal you may find certain NLP language patterns more useful than others, and you will probably find that you rely on the subset of language patterns that you find the most useful.

Learning NLP Language Patterns

The best way to learn patterns is to pick a specific pattern and write out as many examples as you can think of. For instance, take the punctuation ambiguity pattern, how many examples can you think of? Here's a few to get you going:

I know you're wondering how easily you can RELAX as you breathe deeply.

Can you tell me the TIME to close your eyes and relax.

Do you remember a time when it was really easy to LEARN a new way as you continue to relax.

The bold words are the join between the two sentences. One way to make this kind of practice easier is to decide on a theme or purpose for the pattern and then find as many ways to express that pattern as possible. For instance, I could find as many ways as possible to use an embedded command to make someone relax. So here goes for a quick five:

Have you ever felt that you could RELAX COMPLETELY?

What would it be like to RELAX NOW?

Now, some people might ask you to RELAX AS YOU SIT BACK.

I don't know whether you're thinking it's important to RELAX DEEPLY for this process to work.

Now I just want to mention that I'm not going to ask you to RELAX DEEPLY because I just want you to FEEL COMFORTABLE in your own way.

One interesting part of learning NLP language patterns in this way is how quickly you find that you automatically use multiple patterns together.

Now I'm not going to suggest that you practice these patterns either today or tomorrow. I'm not even going to suggest that as you think now about learning and using these patterns you can feel good knowing that day by day the more you practice the more joy you will gain from watching your skills grow, becuase I know that there may have been a time when you felt that learning was difficult for you and that in the back of your mind you may have had that belief that held you back, but as you think about it now and try in vain to remember how difficult it was to learn you can look forward to learning new and exciting skills in the daze and months to come.

Another good way to learn NLP Language patterns is to study others. Most of Richard Bandlers books are very good for close study especially Transformations, Time for a change and Conversations. There are also many books that analyze Miltons hypnosis sessions and these can be good if you're willing to put in the time.



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Life Coach Plus

This is a great article. I'm just starting to learn NLP, but have a graduate degree in Linguistics. I can attest to your wisdom in knowing and understanding the only way to really learn the language patterns is through repeated use and integration. It's like any other language one hopes to learn. Thanks you!


Posted May 23, 2012 at 11:07