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The article free hypnosis training covers training with hypnosis organizations, and how to learn hypnosis covers ways to learn hypnosis cheaply or for free with help from other people, but what about learning hypnosis yourself?

Hopefully, the articles here on PlanetNLP should provide enough information to get you well on the way to becoming a fairly knowledgable hypnotist, especially if you structure your learning well.

So how should you organise your learning - how can hypnotic planet provide you with free hypnosis lessons?

The first element to learn is rapport, followed by pacing and leading. Spend some time on these skills until they become almost automatic. You can practice these skills every day, in all your interactions with others. All it takes is a little thought and patience.

The next stage of your free hypnosis lessons is to work on your language patterns - learn to use embedded commands, and practice writing out milton model patterns. Read hypnotic patterns about how to practice. There is also an article on PlanetNLP on learning hypnotic language patterns.

To be a good hypnotist, you need to be a good hypnotic subject, so practice self-hypnosis techniques so that you can easily enter trance states. One of the easiest ways to hypnotise someone is to gain rapport, then drop into a trance yourself (utilizing pacing and leading as mentioned above). Unless you are experienced with trance states yourself, this is not a skill you'll be able to develop - to be a good hypotist you must be a good hypnotic subject. These are the kind of skills it's best to practice with a partner so if you have a friend who wants to learn hypnosis, you should work together to improve your skills quicker.

Once you're covered the basic free hypnosis lessons you'll need to start learning how to develop hypnosis inductions with hypnosis induction techniques. The hypnosis scripts here can be used to get you started and should be studied to work out how to develop your own. Along with practicing hypnotic language patterns, using these scripts will lead you to develop your own skills to the point where you can deliver your own hypnosis inductions on the fly - so to speak.

There are three important elements that I cannot provide on and these are practice, 'learning by example' (for want of a better phrase) and feedback. Practice is up to you, and the hardest part may be finding people to work with. The article how to learn hypnosis has some suggestions for this.

At some point in time you will reach the limit of our free hypnosis lessons. At this point it's worth finding an experienced hypnotist and showing them what you can do. Hopefully you won't be too embarrassed, and they will be able to provide you with direction, and show you exactly how they work.


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