NLP Time Line Techniques


In NLP a Time Line is a mental construct that is used internally to organize time. If you haven't worked out your own time line then read the lesson on discovering your own time line before trying the following exercises.

There are many NLP exercises based on time lines, below are a few to try out. It's important to read each exercise fully before attempt them, as it can be difficult to concentrate and remain in state if you have to keep switching back to the text.

These exercise requires anchoring, so if you haven't learnt how to use anchoring on yourself then read the article Create Powerful Anchors using NLP.

You will also need to be able to work with creating states, so you should read NLP states too. The exercises will assume you already know these subjects reasonably well.

Before attempting any of these NLP exercises read through them a few times, so you can run through them without having to refer back to the text. This will enable you to concentrate completely on the exercise itself. It is important to read the NLP Lessons before attempting these exercises as these will help you understand the instructions.