NLP for Weight Loss

Lose Weight with NLP

Weight loss is simple - not easy, often far from easy, but simple, and using NLP for weight loss can make the process much easier.

For most healthy people, weight loss is purely about the numbers - Calories in verses Calories out.

And while it is true that for some people there are other issues such as glandular problems that stop them losing weight, for most of us there really is no excuse for not being reasonably healthy.

Blaming our genes or our glands is counterproductive.

So how can we use NLP to improve those numbers? Can we speed up the process by using NLP for weight loss?

Calories In

First let's look at the left part of the equation - calories in. So how do you cut the calories?

There are various ways to make this easier without feeling hungry constantly. Firstly, many people eat far too quickly. This means that they do not realize that they are full until too late. It's good practice to consciously slow your eating down. Concentrate on the flavour in each mouthful and chew it thoroughly before swallowing. Learn to enjoy the food itself rather than simply racing to fill your stomach.

Many of us were brought up believing that we should clear out plate. I know I was. As a child, my grandparents grew all our vegetables as well as keeping pigs and chickens. It was rare for us to have a meal that contained anything that my grandfather hadn't toiled to produce. It was always drummed into us to clear our plates and not waste any food.

If you find that you feel guilty about leaving anything on your plate then use the Belief Disintegrator to get rid of unuseful belief.

Most people have particular foods, that they just cannot avoid. For some people its chocolate, or it could be cake, or fizzy drinks. To deal with these, use the Compulsion Blowout, or if you prefer the NLP Whiteout Technique may be just as effective.

Calories Out

Now lets look at the other half of the equation for using NLP for weight loss - calories out.

NLP for Weight Loss

There is only really one way to increase you calorie output and that is to get your body moving. The more the better.

Now depending upon you current weight and health, the idea of going to a gym may be absolutely frightening or even dangerous for you.

Assuming that you are not endangering yourself by going to the gym (please check with your doctor), use the swish pattern so that you can think of the gym in a more resourceful way.

Also run through the Get Motivated exercise to get yourself motivated to get down the gym, or to get outside and walk or run.

Remember you do not need to bust a gut to lose weight, and for many people this isn't practical or safe. You just need to get moving and raise your heart rate a little.

A regular (daily if possible) hours walk will help tremendously, especially if you cut out some of those compulsive foods. In fact for many people especially those who are quite heavy, walking is not only the safest way to exercise but its also the most productive.

As with dealing with calories going in, are there any beliefs that stand in your way? If so run the Belief Disintegrator to get rid of these.

Finally we're going to build some positive beliefs to help you keep on track. Do you believe you can lose weight? Do you believe you can avoid the foods that are bad for you?

If you have any doubts about your ability to lose weight with NLP then use the Belief Creator. Below is a list to get you started:

  • I can control my weight and lower it at will
  • I enjoy exercising
  • I can improve my health
  • I am in control of my own body

And finally, learn to read the food labels and choose your foodstuffs wisely. The difference between full-fat varieties and low-fat alternatives is often not as high as you would think. So simply buying supposedly low-fat options is not necessarily going to help you with your goals. Once you know which foods are your main enemies then use the NLP Compulsion Blowout to allow you to drop them from your regular intake.

While using NLP for weight loss can help you, major weight loss is a long term prospect, made up of lots of little changes. These NLP techniques can help tremendously, but you still have to put in the work yourself.

Hopefully the information in this article (NLP for weight loss) should give you a good boost. There is also a related article about weight loss using Hypnosis, along with an article on using self hypnosis for weight loss, along with a self hypnosis script for weight loss.

If you wish to supplement your use of NLP with a bit of hypnosis, then I have listed a couple of products below that should provide you with a good boost.

Good Luck!


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Previous comments

Been trying for years

I've been trying to lose weight for years. Is NLP really going to help me? I don't feel that confident doing the exercises. Is there something else I can do that isn't as complicated?

Bren, UK

Posted May 14, 2010 at 06:37

If you don't believe something will help ...

Perhaps you need to work on your confidence or beliefs first. NLP can definitely help you, but you are going to have to put some effort in whether you use NLP for weight loss or another approach.

Chris Harrison, UK

Posted May 28, 2010 at 05:28