Dark Hypnosis - Develop Black-Ops Hypnosis skills


Dark Hypnosis - just the phrase generates a creepy atmosphere.

You're probably thinking of a dark haired male with a pointy beard and piercing eyes taking control of a poor defenseless female. Or maybe your thinking of some Black-Ops military guy creeping up and distracting someone before overpowering them.

But one think is certain, you're thinking of an individual, most likely male, taking complete power over someone else without them having any defense.

But what does dark hypnosis really mean? How does it relate to Black-Ops hypnosis? How do you develop the skills to make you a dark hypnotist?

What are Dark Hypnosis and Black-Ops Hypnosis?

Dark hypnosis is, at it's simplest, performing hypnosis on someone else for selfish reasons or without the 'victims' permission or awareness.

Most products sold online that relate to dark or black-ops hypnosis concentrate on the later and teach covert hypnosis skills based around rapport, personal power and hypnotic language patterns.

It is really the application of these skills without the clients awareness and the intentions of the hypnotist that make the skills 'dark' - there are no specific dark or black-ops hypnosis skills.

Black-Ops hypnosis is just a slightly different way in which to market the same skills.

How do you learn Dark Hypnosis?

The best way to start is by learning about rapport and building this skill so that you can gain rapport with a single person in a crowded room. It really is not as difficult as it sounds.

The next step is to learn hypnotic language patterns. Concepts from the Milton Model such as embedded commands and the quotes pattern are a key skill. Practice these by writing out short scripts. This is the same approach used in Ross Jeffrie's speed seduction.

Developing Hypnotic Eyes and learning a few different hypnosis induction techniques will help to build a well rounded set of skills.

Another equally important side to black-ops hypnosis is your own confidence. If you're interested in becoming really good at dark hypnosis then it is worth spending some time building your confidence first. A good hypnosis download or some NLP exercises can work wonders. With raised confidence, you may find that you really don't need to be as covert as you previously believed.

The article Free Covert Hypnosis covers this area further.

What Dark Hypnosis or Black-Ops Hypnosis products are available?

I have yet to review any specific dark or black-ops hypnosis products, but I do recommend Igor Ledochwski's Power of Conversational Hypnosis which I have reviewed here.

Below is a selection of products that may be of interest.

Underground Hypnosis - Learn Black-Ops hypnosis!

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis - Steve Jones' Conversational Hypnosis Course.

Elite Social Control - Hamilton Millers' system for hypnotic social control.

Covert Hypnosis Revealed - Kevin Hogan's approach to Covert Hypnosis.

The Art of Covert Hypnosis - Steven Peliari's system including hypnosis, NLP, and mentalism.

Advanced Covert Hypnosis - Another product to enable you to secretly hypnotize others.


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